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    a 6oz banana is 2 points. My question is -- is that 6 oz with the skin on or off? I'm thinking it has to be off, since you don't eat the skin. But wanted to make sure!

    Thanks for any help.

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    My first thought was that I had always heard that WW listed food weights with skin and seeds (see the pineapple thread) but I did a search on the Nutritional Analysis Tool and I found for Bananas, Raw

    serving size 6 ounces =
    170.1 grams
    Calories 157
    Fat 0.85
    Fiber 4
    Points 2.410833333
    Round 2

    1 fruit w/o skin
    114 grams
    Calories 105
    Fat 0.57
    Fiber 2.74
    Points 1.5995
    Round 2

    If I took 170 grams for 6oz and divided by 114 grams for 1 fruit w/o skin and I got 1.49 so I put in of 1.49 quantity on the serving size of 1 fruit w/o skin and the numbers came up to just about exactly what the 6oz raw banana came to. I don't know if it's just banana happens to round out this way or if WW gives some fruits with skin and some without. We all know there is no way 1/4 pineapple without skin is 12oz. Now I'm even more confused. I think I'll stick with my web site and the USDA numbers and figure the points based on what I eat.
    Sorry I just made this even more confusing.
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    I love the NAT tool. I have it bookmarked and it has been my primary source for nutritional info. I highly suggest that EVERYBODY bookmark it.


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