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Thread: need ideas for low carb meals please

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    I need some ideas for low carb measl breakfast, lunch and dinner, notice how i said low carb and no carb. I have been losing weight really slowly and i know it's to the fact that i eat to much bread usally in a day i'll have 5 to 6 slices. I used to be on a low carb diet and i lost alot of weight but i alway's made sure it wasn't to low becasue i know that's not the right way to go. So if anyone has any ideas please feel free to let me know or you can send me and email at

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    If you look at what we responded to in your Bread Addiction thread you don't eat that much bread. You should spend between 6-9 points on complex carbs in general. Your 5-6 slices are more than likely within that range.

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    Low carb ideas: Breakfast: omelets (especially with low carb veggies), left-over meats, low carb fruits (berries, cantalope), nuts -- keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to eat 'breakfast' foods for breakfast!

    Lunch: chef salad (one of my favorites) with left-over meats, lettuce, and other low carb veggies; left-over meats and low carb veggies; low carb veggies and dip, low carb fruits, soups made with broth and low carb veggies, tuna salad made with broccoli or other low carb veggies instead of pasta.

    Dinner: meats, salads, low carb veggies, low carb fruits, stir fry (without the rice), soups made with low carb ingredients -- lots of recipes can be made low carb by substituting low carb veggies for the pasta or bread.

    If you eat more low carb veggies and reduce the quantity of bread, you can reduce your total carbs. You can eat less bread (whole grains) -- maybe have a slice or two as a snack and add just a bit of peanut spread (not sugary peanut butter, but peanut spread without sugar) -- just a teaspoon adds only 33 calories and a trace of fat, but it's just enough to be more filling. Or, just a few almonds is a great snack -- adds some healthy monosaturated fat -- but be careful not to overdo it -- just 5 or 6 will do the trick.

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    What is your daily points range?


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    I'm still perfecting this one, but it's great for breakfast or anytime. I made crepes' out of High Gluten Flour and egg whites. 3 egg whites is high protein and no fat.
    *6 egg whites (2 Points)
    *1/4 c high gluten flour (3 points)Not all high gluten flour is the same. I buy Reds Mill. It's expensive, but I put it in the frig and it lasts forever. So much better than soy flour.
    *1/2 t vanilla
    * dash salt

    Make a very thin batter.
    Spray a very small skillet or crepe pan with cooking spray. (the only oil I use is olive oil)
    Pour crepe batter and turn pan to spread batter for a very thin pancake.This make a double batch of crepes. I rolled the leftover crepes in wax paper and used them two days later. They were great.

    Fill crepes with whatever you like. fruit, seafood, chicken, meat. Roll and dress with yogurt, cheese, sourcream, salsa, etc.
    They are wonderful, high protein and filling. You will feel like you are cheating.

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    Breakfast: egg whites scrambled with any of the following:low-fat sausage; turkey bacon; diced green peppers; onions; zucchini; garlic; cooked chicken; etc.

    L: Ditto Katrina's post. Salad with meat, tuna. I also like to make a "faux reuben." I take slices of low-fat corned beef, pastrami or turkey and put a little thousand island dressing on it (I didn't have any so I mixed a little ketchup with mayo and a chopped pickle slice), then cover in saurkraut and a slice of low-fat swiss cheese. Pop in the toaster and broil until bubbly.

    D: Zucchini noodles: Use a veggie peeler to make ribbons or "noodles" from a zucchini. Lots of things to mix with these. You can chop up some turkey bacon and brown it with some garlic in a pan then throw the zucchini in to heat and finish with a tbsp of ff half and half and a sprinkling of parmesan. Or I did a cajun style one with chicken andouille sausage, green pepper, onion, celery and garlic and cajun seasoning. Huge plate of few, pretty low carb and very low point.
    Grilled fish--always a good choice since it's low carb and low point.
    I like to eat ww couscous or quinoa in place of rice or bread. You can also make the "fauxtatoes" that's in the recipe forum.

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