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Thread: Which do I trust?

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    On the Ore-Ida Crispy Crown bags the nutritional value says: 84g(approx 12 crowns). Once I weighed them 84g was more like 22 crowns. I went with the gram weight and ate 22 of them. Did I do the right thing sticking with the scale weight? Thanks!

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    You absolutely did!!!
    I weigh everything! All nutritional information is based on weight, so you should always go with that. Look at it this way. What if you were serving out the last of the chips or crackers. You would HAVE to go with weight....unless you wanted to put all those pieces back together!


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    I agree with Dawn, as long as you are fairly confident you have a good scale. I'm sure when they do their tests on the food, they go by weight rather than the number, so you would be pretty safe.


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