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    Hopefully this hasnt already been a discussion, and if so, please point me in the right direction, but I recently found some of the Sugar Free DaVinci Syrup in one of those overstock/lots stores and havent a clue how best to use them to my advantage. I have strawberry and starfruit. (I dont even know what a starfruit tastes like!) Any ideas?
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    This has been discussed over and over again! WHY? Because DaVinci's are so GREAT!
    I found Starfruit and Watermelon at my Big Lots, but, unfortunately, they weren't Sugar Free! [img]graemlins/sobbing.gif[/img]
    I wish I could find ANY flavor of SF in my area!!!
    Anyway, about the discussions. There have been MANY of them here....and on all the different boards. I think the best way to get the info is to go to the top of the page and click on SEARCH, then search each board for "DaVinci" I think you will be suprised at all the uses!
    My personal favorites are using Vanilla in my water to take the 'tap water' taste away. The other is to use Caramel on my tastes just like brown sugar!!!
    Hope this helps!!

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