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Thread: Fajitas?

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    Does anyone know a point value for fajitas at a mexican restaurant? I'm looking for just the grilled chicken/beef/veggies. I can figure out the toppings pretty good. I'm trying to figure out some semi-low point menu items at a typical mexican restaurant. I've looked in the restaurant guides and food book but can't find it. Thanks


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    The food companion lists 2 chicken or beef fajitas as 11 points. 2 shrimp fajitas are 8 points.

    If it's a specific Mexican restaurant, you can check for points.

    Enjoy! I really, really like Mexican food.

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    Julie, When I order Fajitas (my favorite) I ask for them to be cooked without oil or anything else. They cook up just as well and if they add any sauce after they are cooked I have them leave that off as well. Chicken is 1 pt per oz. Shrimp and Chicken are better choices than the beef pt. wise. If I really want to keep the pts down I skip the tortilla shells. Hope this helps. Enjoy!


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