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Thread: Light English muffins?

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    I used to be able to get the The Nature's Grain Lite Muffins at Walmart all the time and for only 97 cents. But I haven't seen them there lately. I wonder if they just sell out quickly or we're not getting them any more. I have a bunch of the Thomas' Light MultiGrain in the freezer that my fairy sent me and I dole them out carefully. I've been having trouble finding them locally, but I'm glad to hear that westernbagel has free shipping with 6 items now. I LOVE the pitas but the only store I can get them out here is outrageous.
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    They are NOT outlawed in TX, but I can't always find them. I am in Houston.

    The only place I have found them is at Super Walmart, and even then not in the bread section. I found them on the shelf in front of the bakery. The thing is, they are not always there. Only sometimes. The ones I got were Thomas, but it wouldn't hurt to ask someone in the bakery if/when they stock them.
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    I just ordered from Western Bagel and the shipping is not free - it was $7.95 for 6 items. But to me, it's worth it. I'm not one to go from store to store looking for something like this. So now I'll have my muffins and bagels in the freezer - I love the fact that they are only 1 point!

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    Do you know WW makes a 1 pt. English Muffin? I get them at our local grocery store, I do not know where they are in the bigger stores. We have the English Muffins, Bagels, Wheat, White and Rye bread. I went there yesterday and got a loaf of each. A little expensive but the points are right there on the bag. (even though there is rumor the bagels will be going to 3 pts.) There is a thread on that somewhere too!
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