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Thread: Light English muffins?

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    I am trying to locate light English muffins. I make my own egg mcmuffin with ff egg sub and 2% cheese. I live in Chicago and was wondering if anyone knows which company makes light English muffins. I saw a recipe on the WW Community Recipe Swap and it said Thomas'. I haven't seen them in my store. Can anyone please tell me? Thanks.
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    abigailjessica Guest


    I know of 2 companies that make 1 point english muffins. One of them is Harvest Pride and I can't remember the other right now but when I do I'll let you know. They carry both of them at my local Shaws. Hope that helps.

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    FirstCavWife Guest


    From what I've read on here the other company is Earth Grains. I wouldn't know personally though because no stores in my area stock light English Muffins...or bagels!

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    Can't find them in the Dallas area either. Spoke with an EarthGrains delivery driver and he said he'd never seen them. I've been in every major food store around here and they simply don't exist. Kroger is supposed to have their own brand of light buns and English muffins. Not here. Super WallyWorld is supposed to have some, not a chance. Checked at Sam's Wholesale, no go there either. I've been in Wonder bakery outlets and Mrs. Baird's outlets too. Still no luck.

    Here's something great though to use for a platform for an open face sandwich. Nuke a slice of cheese [img]smile.gif[/img] No kidding. Nuke it until it's all bubbly and starting to turn colors, let it cool, peel it off, eat it plain or topped with tuna salad or a Boca burger. Bet an egg would be great on top of that too. I use a squirt of nonstick spray on parchment paper then zap it in the microwave for 50 to 55 seconds. You'll need to adjust the cooking time depending on wattage of your microwave.

    They're great plain, kind of like Cheetos. Use the 2% slices and you'll get 20 to 25% of your daily calcium while you're at it. Haven't had a slice of bread since reading about the "cheese crisps" on another board. They look rather disgusting but taste delicious. Give it try. You'll be glad you did. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    FirstCavWife Guest


    OM!!! That sounds GREAT!! I've always loved cheese that's been well browned. Especially when making eggs and the cheese gets on the pan and browns!
    I am going to try your idea.....I can't wait!
    (but I still wish I could find those darned English Muffins!!! Maybe the Lonestar state outlawed them! )

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    We just got the english muffins at Super Wal-mart. I believe they're the Earth Grains. I was importing them from Northern VA and Maryland up till now. In Wal-mart they are at the Deli counter not with the breads. They're also only $.94 each. What a bargain.
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    Catrina Guest


    I got mine in Walmart in Pa. The brand was Nature's Grain by the Meyer's Bakeries in Arkansas. The only problem is that I saw them one time, bought up all that they had and took them to my meeting for the other members. I've gone back and I can't find them. Every time that I go to Walmart I would forget to take the package, but I have it today and I'm headed there and I'm gonna ask if they would start carring them on a regular basis.

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    Thanks for all your help. I went to Jewel today and looked at Earthgrains. It was not the light muffins. I am going to WI tomorrow to visit my sister. There is a great store in Kenosha called Woodman's. I am going to check there. I have found so many things there that I can't find here in big, old Chicago. You would think being a major city we would have everything, but we don't.
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    stephbear Guest


    I have looked for them here in Houston too and can not find them!

    Maybe your right Dawn the state of Texas has outlawed them. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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    I look for 1 pt. English muffins (and 1 pt. hot dog buns) almost every time I buy bread! So far, no luck with the eng. muffins, but long ago I substituted Sara Lee mini-bagels (also 1 pt) for my breakfast sandwiches.

    Also, last week my neighborhood Randall's (Houston) started carrying 1 pt hot dog buns! So, I won't give up on the muffins, yet!

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    stephbear Guest


    Thanks Cathy for the tip on the sara lee bagels, I will try those. What are the name of the 1 point hot dog buns you found at Randalls?


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    Justine (stephbear),

    The hot dog buns I found are Nature's Own sugar-free, whole grain wheat (same as their 1 pt hamburger buns). I don't know how available they are in Houston, but the mini-bagels are virtually everywhere!

    (Since you're also from Houston, if you email me, I'll let you know which location I found the hot dog buns!)
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    Do you know anyone in Western New York? Our local grocery store, Wegmans, as STORE BRAND light english muffins, and hotdog & hamburger rolls, all 1 pt apiece!! If you do have Buffalo relatives, maybe they can ship you some?? (they all freeze SUPER well!) Check out your store brand's light bread products -- maybe you'll be surprised!

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    I went to Woodman's in WI today and could not find any lite English muffins. I did hear back from Sara Lee makers of Earth Grains. They said the lite muffins are only available in CO right now and no mail order distribution. I sent a reply asking what I can do to get them to carry them here in Chicago. Maybe if enough people request them they will make them available nationwide. I did come home with 3 bags full of hard-to-find items for $40. I was very happy at least for that. [img]smile.gif[/img] I didn't look for them but I just found out that Da Vinci syrups are available at Woodman's, too. I will just have to check TJ Maxx or Marshall's here.
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    If it's any consolation...the lite English muffins aren't EVERYWHERE in CO. I keep checking my local Super WM and though they carry Earthgrain's bread, no English muffins!
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    I don't know if Country Kitchen is a national brand, but they make a great one point English muffin-- both regular and raisin.

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    I agree with the poster above, the Countr Kitchen brand is great. I was able to taste them when I visited my niece in MA. Unfortunately, they are not available in Wisconsin.

    wwlvr99: Sorry I didn't see this post sooner or I could have saved you the trouble of looking at Woodman's! I live here and could have told you that out of all the stuff Woodman's carries, lite english muffins is not one of them. That is the one item I have not been able to locate. But at least you picked up $40 worth of other goodies. At least that made the trip worth it, huh?

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    abigailjessica Guest


    Yes, we have the Harvest Pride and the Country Kitchen 1 point english muffins here and they are both pretty good. The CC ones come in white, wheat, and raisin. Sorry to those of you who aren't able to find any 1 pointers. I myself have been on a search for 1 point bagels but haven't been able to find them anywhere. It seems that we always want most what we can't have. Oh well. I'll keep looking and everyone else do the same. Good luck!

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    Oh my gosh, this is the story of my life. It is so hard to find any of the light and ff stuff in my city. Also, being in Canada, we don't have a lot of the ff stuff because olestra has not been approved here. Of course, that may be a blessing, considering what I've read about side effects.


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    Jan_Barrington Guest


    Hi buddies [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
    The ones that I have are called Nature's Grain one muffin has 100 Calories 1g of fat 5g fiber they say baked by Meyer's Bakeries P.O. Box 687 Hope Arkansas 71802 I purchased them from Krogers. Hope this helps.

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    phdphx Guest

    Default Re: Light English muffins?

    HI everyone!
    Iam new to this so bear with me! The Nature's Grain Lite Muffins are THE BEST! I eat them all the time because of their high fiber content, which Iam consious of because I have managed to get my cholesterol down from 242 to 170 without medications,and just doing more WW stuff.
    For those who don't know where to get them, I get mine at Walmart super stores in Phoenix,and also a store chain here called Fry's, which is owned by Kroger..Maybe other stores thruout the country that are owned by Kroger would carry them,too. They are made by Meyers Bakeries and they have a website in the making. Their URL is There is an 800 number at that site, you can call if you want to try and locate these muffins! Give it a try if you cant find them! It is worth the effort!
    Good luck everyone!

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    Default Re: Light English muffins?

    you don't have the WW English muffins by you? I usually just get those if I want English muffins..

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    Default Re: Light English muffins?

    I get my light English muffins that are by Thomas ... as well as the WEgman's brand. Both are yummy~
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    Kat6496 Guest

    Default Re: Light English muffins?

    A few of my Buddy System gals turned me on to the Alternative Bagels. I went to the site: It was then that I found heaven! There are Alternative Bagels (1 point bagels!), 1 point English muffins, 1 point wraps/tortillas and more! They ship, although there is a minimum 6 package order, but then shipping is free. You can also find them sporadically at Sprouts, and I think the site lists some of the other places they are sold.
    These darn things are so yummy!!! I can't even tell you! There are several kinds of alternative bagels too: Sweet Wheat, Onion, Cinnamon Swirl, and original. GOOD EATS!

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    I live in Chicago too. I have found the Thomas' Light multi grain english muffins

    at Lincoln Park Supermarket (it's on 2500 N Clark street -south of Diversey.)

    I think they are 100 cals, 5 or 8 grams of fiber, and 0 fat. It comes out to 1 point on my slider.
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