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    Dear BCBers,

    On Saturday at my WW meeting, my leader said that we should eat all our points daily. But, the WW
    materials said that it is best to eat at the mid range of your points daily. I am assuming that for my point range which is 20-25, that would be 21 ponts daily? Any thoughts BCBers?

    Have a great week all.

    SW 170
    WWG 150
    PG 147

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    For the most part most people lose better when they vary their points. IF you are exercising then eating the high end would be better. The factor in eating higher in the range is your body becomes accustomed to eating that higher range and it may help you maintain on a higer set of points (as well as the exercise helps this factor).

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    I think the mid range for you is more like 23.
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    dwmw613 Guest


    This is where I am needing some help. Points.
    First I have not ever been to a meeting and have talked to a few friends that use to go. I know I need to be 25-28 points daily to achieve my weight 140. BUT I don't know where to begin. I need some ideas or a plan to get me going until I can wean this on my own.
    Any suggestions?


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