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Thread: Wendy's Southwestern chicken salad

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    Does anybody know what the point value is for Wendy's Southwestern Chicken Salad w/out dressing? I have looked on their website and it is not loaded.


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    Wendy’s Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad
    Salad Only = 5 points
    Calories – 260 Fat – 7 Cholesterol – 25 Protein – 28 Fiber – 8

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    Thanks that's great!!! The Low Fat honey mustard dressing only makes it a 6.5pt salad....highly recommend it!!!

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    I'm a ww online suscriber and when i went to the recepie builder i got 8 points. I basiclly pluged in the ingredients and at the end it gave me the point value. Did you forget to count the cheese?

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    The total cal/fat/fiber is provided by Wendy's and does include the cheese. It is only a 5 point salad. It does not include the croutons nor the fatty dressing.

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