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    Thought maybe we could share some ideas for lunches. It seems as though my lunches are getting boring and I am getting tired of the same things. What is everyone having today? What are your favorite lunches?
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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    I am having Kelly's Copycat JIB S/W Chicken Salad, cucumbers and red onions in balsamic vinegar, 1 cup fresh bing cherries!

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    Here are some of my favorite lunches:

    Crab Roll-ups
    2 garlic and herb whole wheat tortillas 1 pt
    2 wedges LC Lite Cheese 2 pt
    1/2 pkg Louis Kemp Crab Legs 2pt
    spinach 0pt

    Bean "burritos"
    2 whole wheat tortillas 1 pt
    1/2 cup FF Refried Beans 2 pt
    1 slice 2% american cheese heated into beans 1 pt

    Black Bean and Corn wraps
    Mix 1/2 cup black beans 2pts with 1/2 cup corn 1pt and salsa to taste
    Wrap in whole wheat tortillas

    All kinds of sandwiches on 1 pt bread.
    I love Healthy Choice roast beef with the light wasabi Gourmayo!

    Hummus 3pts and baked pita chips 2pts

    Boca Burgers

    Vegetarian Chili

    Thai Kitchens Instant Rice Noodle Soup comes in several flavors for 4 points
    I add a bunch of broccoli or asparagus to make a huge serving.

    I get this great surimi california roll at Sam's that's 4 pts for 6 pieces

    I also like tofu potstickers and kimchi dumplings I find at specialty grocers

    Typing this out made me realize I rarely eat meat for lunch anymore. I occassionally have a lean cuisine for convenience sake and sometimes leftovers but I generally don't make recipes that have leftovers.
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    law4rach Guest


    I eat out almost everyday and my personal favorite is Olive Garden on Tuesdays. I get the lunch portion of either Chicken Giardino or Cappalini Pomodoro and I eat half the salad, half the dressing, one breadstick and half the entree. It comes out to roughly 8.5 points for the entire half lunch.

    I love it and I always take the remainder home for my dinner that night. The whole thing only costs 7.25 here in Dayton.

    I also love the Captain D's broiled fish lunch with a salad and extra veggies and I eat at Subway too. So take your pick.

    When I pack, I tend to have leftovers or just go to Kroger and pick up a large salad with a honey wheat bagel.

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    girlinmotion Guest


    Some favourite lunch items:
    1 point individual servings of yogourt (Silhouette or Astro Fat Free)
    2 point Sunrype "Fruit & Veggie" bars
    V8 juice boxes
    1 point servings of apple sauce or fruit blends
    Ryvita crispbread crackers and Laughing Cow Cheese
    Pour a can of soup into a container, microwave at lunch time. I like Primo Roasted Veg. for 4 points for 2 cups
    A small bowl of lentil Daal and a baked samosa from the local Indian takeout is another favourite.
    Subway 6" veggie and cheese with FF honey mustard

    I really like the Too Good To Be True frozen entrees from President's Choice (sorry I think they are only avail. in Canada). They are 5 points and you can get lasagna, curry with rice, spinach cheese canneloni, chili etc. Those are my lunch when I'm in a rush.

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    My lunch was very purple today!

    Had beets and plums. Even the pastrami on my 1-point bun was sorta purple. I did have a green pickle tho

    I usually have a sandwich, fruit and veggie or a salad every day fro lunch. My menu for dinner is the meal that varies quite a bit.
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