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Thread: Has anybody tried the baked ice cream?

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    Denise02 Guest


    On one of the recipe cards that I got there is a recipe for Baked Ice Cream.

    It is baked ice cream served on an a piece of Angel food cake.

    Has anybody tried it and had it work? I am a bit sceptic. OKay A LOT SCEPTIC. How does this work without the ice cream melting???


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    FirstCavWife Guest


    If I remember correctly, it's just like a Baked Alaska. The trick is to seal the meringue all the way around. This 'insulates' the ice cream from the heat of the oven so it doesn't melt. Meringue is the perfect insulator...just like foam.....tons of bubbles.

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    Denise02 Guest


    AHHH now it makes sense, I just thought the meringue was for browning effect.


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