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Thread: What's your favorite (yummiest) use for Da Vinci?

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    Hello All,
    I have been reading so much about Da Vinci syrups, and want to give them a try. I'd like to hear about your favorite ways to use them, so that I can decide which ones to order. Thanks!


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    I love coffee!!!!!! So I use my Torani syrups for coffee (Torani is a different brand than DaVinci, but they have the same flavors).

    *Caramel and vanilla are awesome in iced coffee with a little non-fat cream.

    *The raspberry syrup tastes like rotten goat dung, DO NOT BUY IT!!

    *Almond or amaretto goes great in some steamed milk for a delicious treat.

    *Most of them are really good with your oatmeal or bland cereal, mix 'n match!

    *I like the vanilla over blueberries or rasberries.

    *They go great to flavor:

    -Frozen yogurt
    -Rice cakes

    Get your staple flavors, and as you find uses for them, you'll think of other flavors and new combinations.

    Vanilla is imperative. So is hazelnut...fruit wise, blueberry is pretty good. Just mess around and go with what you want, but be sure and get vanilla! It's the mother of all flavors! You can mix it with anything...vanilla and almond in coffee is AMAZING. I haven't tried the french-vanilla though.

    Anyway, some ideas!

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    Lately I have been enjoying the fruity flavor ones as snow cones using my Rival snow cone maker/ice shaver. Very refreshing for summer.

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    My newest use for DV syrup is to mix it with a tablespoon of quark (yogurt cheese) and spread it on a low-fat/low-carb tortilla. Like a yummy 1 point, low-carb crepe. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    But mostly I use them for Italian sodas and to sweeten my oatmeal.
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    I love the raspberry! I mix it with a little of the chocolate flavor for chocolate/raspberry coffee in the morning. I like the caramel added to my Kashi cereal for a brown sugar taste. I add vanilla to my baked apple oatmeal.
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    Whew, good, someone likes the raspberry. I bought on-line a little bottle of raspberry to try along with the caramel.
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