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    I work at a coffee shop/store, and yesterday the owners (inspired by my dedication to WW!) asked me to make a sugar-free menu. I couldn't figure out how to upload the menu, so I cut and pasted it here. This is for all of you coffee lovers!

    Village Imports Sugar-Free Menu

    Highland Brew
    This intoxicating beverage has been a staple of the Scottish Highlands since its 2003 invention. A favorite of our owner!

    Sugar-free vanilla
    Sugar-free chocolate
    Secret sugar-free ingredient
    Half and Half

    Jacobite Special
    A balmy and invigorating tribute to the Scottish freedom fighters of 1746, our unique Jacobite Special combines flavor, fervor, and national pride to create a vigorous and emotionally fulfilling beverage. Each Jacobite Special comes with a free history lesson!
    Sugar-free vanilla
    Almond syrup
    Half and Half

    Gooey Ambiguous Caramel Thing
    This delicious mass of caramel goo is a national favorite. It has a flavor that is reminiscent of young love, and a scent that is surpassed only by its flavor. A drink so ambiguous that Donald Rumsfeld himself drinks three before each press conference.

    Sugar-free caramel
    Sugar-free English toffee
    Sugar-free vanilla
    Half and Half
    Republican trickery

    English Toffee-Coffee
    A perfect blend of English superiority and Irish intemperance, our English Coffee-Toffee is a great way to start your day! A swirling mass of buttery toffee combined with the sobriety of coffee makes our English Toffee-Coffee the best (and tastiest!) cure for your Monday morning “flu”.

    Sugar-free English toffee
    Sugar-free caramel
    Sugar-free vanilla
    Dash of soy
    Half and Half

    Jennifer Lomond
    An unlicensed espresso chef and the inventor of our Atkins Menu, Jenn is a laconic historian and an avid proponent of People for the Ethical Treatment of Alexander Hamilton. Her favorite drink is the Jacobite Special.

    **Almost no animals were harmed in the making of this menu.

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    I noticed half and half mentioned, did you know you can get low fat as well as fat free.

    Ya-Ya sisterhood name-- Marchioness Fresh-As-A-Daisy

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