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Thread: Tatziki Points ????

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    Hi Buddies [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]

    Bought some Tatziki Sauce to go with Souvlaki, and no nutritional breakdown on container. Container reports 15% milk fat. Anybody have any idea how to count Tatziki Sauce???

    Thanks in advance

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Tzatziki Sauce Recipe w/nutritional information. Hope this helps.

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    Liane Liss Guest


    I would just assume the store-bought variety is made with whole milk yogurt and count points according to that. All the flavoring ingredients are point-free.

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    girlinmotion Guest


    15% MF is pretty close to whipping cream (18%) which is 3 points for 2 tablespoons.

    I'm pretty sure you can buy or make tzaziki that is a lot lower point than that next time though. My brand is 1 point for 2Tbsps I think.

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    Mmmmmm Tatziki is yummy and fairly easy to make.

    Let me tell you how I do it. Its basically cucumber and yogurt plus some seasoning. A lot of the seasoning is "to taste" but I can give you a guestimate. when you make it you can adjust it to suit your self.

    I use the large container of Plain, Non-Fat Yogurt

    -Shred/grate 2 large seedless/burpless cucumber (reg will also do). Strain/drain and blot out as much of the water as you can. It makes the yogurt runny if they are too wet.

    -Combine the yogurt and the cucumber.

    Add flavor:
    -Olive Oil (1-2tblspn I would guess, a small pour lol)
    -Minced Garlic (I use about 1/2tsp)
    -Lemon Juice (maybe a tblspn, another small pour)
    -Sugar (a sprinkle to cut some of the tartness of the yogurt)
    -Salt and Pepper to taste
    -DILL (ymmm I love dill so I use A LOT)

    That's it!! It tastes better the next day after the flavors have mingled.

    The points come from the plain non-fat yogurt (8oz is 3pts). And the small amt of olive oil (1tbsp is 4pts)

    It's great as a dressing for chicken or just eating it as is!

    Enjoy! [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]
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    I fell in love with this stuff on a trip to Greece years ago... it is so much better the second day and best just as a dip with french bread or pita...a meal in itself!

    I make it just with plain yogurt..if you can thicken it with a cheesecloth even better, cucumber and lots of garlic! It is great!

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    I use dill for the seasoning along with the garlic - yummy, yummy.
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