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Thread: Da Vinci Syrup?

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    Could some one please tell if the caramel syrup is thick or is it thin?

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    jmjgtodd Guest


    It's the same consistency as the other syrups, if you have ever gotten any. It is not really very thick at all but it is very yummy! I just got a bottle!

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    Where do you find these yummy syrups?? I'd love to try them! (I'm in Canada)

    Website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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    I emailed them through their website and asked them to send a list of the places that carry their products. She sent me a list so you might wanna try doing that. You could also order online from them or go to they sell them for cheaper than davinci website does but davinci has all the flavors as vitalady doesn't.
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    Also remember that DaVinci is back supporting this site. So if at all possible buy directly through them.

    I do have a question about that. Does bcb get a percentage of purchases made through that link? Or are they buying ad space? If they are buying ad space do we need to make sure we say that we were referred by BCB when we place an order?

    I know that we buddies buy a SIGNIFICANT amount of Davinci's and Davinci's should know that....and know that their ad space is worthwhile.

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    I have also found DaVinci's in stores - Marshall's, Super Walmart & King Soopers...

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    Denise02 Guest



    I would call Davinci and see who is your local distributor.

    There is Edmonton Tea and coffe in Edmonton. If you want to order from them it will be cheaper for shipping than buying direct from Davinci.


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    jmjgtodd Guest


    I just clicked on the handy link above and went right to the site. They even have a quick list of sugar free flavors. I believe that clicking through the link above helps support the site . . . They don't charged very much for shipping. I got six bottles recently and was charged around $6.00 for the whole order.

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    jennylomond101 Guest


    You can also buy 'Torani' syrups at grocery stores. They're not exclusively sugar-free, but they do have several sugar-free flavors. We have some at the coffee-bar. We have sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free caramel, sugar-free English toffee, and sugar-free chocolate. They're tasty, sugar and carb free, and we buy them locally from 'Smart and Final'.

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    Sugar Free Torani syrups can also be found at Cost Plus World Market.
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