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Thread: top ten best low-point foods

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    i also posted this in t-20s, but i'd like to get a lot of responses, so i'm posting here too.

    what are your FAVORITE low-point foods ever? not just foods that are good because of their lack of high points, but foods that you love and happen to be low in points anyway...

    here's my top ten. PLEASE ADD YOURS!

    1. pickles. love em. 0 points!

    2. mrs. t's pierogies (potato/onion). 3 points for 3 when you boil em. they're sooo yummy.

    3. turkey bacon/turkey sausage/turkey franks. they all taste like the real thing (even better, i think) and are way better on points. i used to use turkey bacon a lot for spinach salads.

    4. this probably goes without saying -- skinny cows and no pudge brownies.

    5. blueberry smoothies. a delicious way to get fruit and milk.

    6. i'm on a blueberry kick lately. the other day i got a small "blueberry muffin" skim milk latte for 3 points. it was delicious. if i made it at home with da vinci, i could probably shave 2 points off. syrups used: blueberry, vanilla and splash of macadamia nut.

    7. velveeta lite -- the most perfect light cheese ever invented.

    8. WW broccoli cheese soup

    9. baked bean chili with ground turkey. i'd like to have someone run this through a recipe calculator, but i figured this recipe to be 3 points/cup. i don't usually like chili, but i LOVE this stuff. let me know if anyone has access to recipe builder so we can double check the points, and i'll post the recipe.

    10. egg drop soup (1 cup = 1 pt) which i'm having for lunch today

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    jmjgtodd Guest


    Check out the zero point topic on this same folder a few days ago. There are some really good ideas!

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    Here are some low point staples at our house....

    1. 94% FF Kettle Corn....2 points for 7 cups
    2. Pretzels
    3. Baked Doritos
    4. LF Chocolate graham crackers with FF cool whip frozen in the middle
    5. Dry cereal...I especially love Special K Red Berries
    6. Lite Yogurt...any brand with 100 calories
    7. Gardenburgers...this one is new to me this week. 2 points per "burger"
    8. Milk and Cereal bars....3 points each plus they have enough calcium to count as one of your milk requirements!
    9. Nutrigrain bars
    10. The many,many, many recipes I've gotten from this site and Dottis. I've never cooked more!

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    Here is my list:

    1. Boca burgers
    2. Kraft 2% cheddar cheese singles
    3. Kashi Good Friends cereal
    4. Slender Soymilk ( 1 pt for 1 cup)
    5. strawberries and blueberries
    6. Wow Chips
    7. light english muffins
    8. diet coke
    9. apples
    10. green beans
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    Here we go...

    My Top Ten Food List
    1. Slimfast Peanut Crunch Snack Bars
    2. Smart Ones Moose Track Ice Cream
    3. Pickles & Green Beans ( 0 Points )
    4. Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza
    5. Healthy Choice Hot Dogs
    6. WhiteWheat Bread
    7. Diet Coke & Diet A&W Rootbeer
    8. Baked Doritoes & Salsa
    9. Hidden Valley Light Ranch Dressing
    10.Smoked Turkey at Sonny's BBQ

    Well there it is!
    [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img] amber

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    sunnyinslc Guest


    Thanks for all the good ideas. Here's my list:

    - fruit
    - Vitatops (1 pt/per)
    - light whole wheat toasted with FF cheddar cheese and tomato(1 pt and great with lunch salads)
    - Skinny Cows
    - high-fiber dry cereal
    - Diet Coke
    - Healthy Pop 94% FF popcorn
    - Taco Bell soft chicken tacos (4 points for Mexican food? Yes!!)
    - reduced-fat feta cheese
    - Char's Balsamic Dressing

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    Becky, I am a Leader and our Leader Materials specifically tell us that foods with added calcium may NOT be used as a milk requirement. If you will look in the Getting Started book on the page where the foods are listed that are good sources of calcium, you'll notice those with an asterik and then read at the bottom of the page, you should come to that conclusion as well. If your leader does not agree with that - (now assuming she has the same leader materials that I do) she will find this specifically stated on page 235. Suzi Q
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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    I beleive the leader materials (when my leader and I looked it up) stated if a person is lactose intolerant they need to get calcium in any way they can. However caclium cannot be utilized with Vitamin D. Most people get enough of this in though sunlight as it is manufactured in your body also but if you are taking a good multivitamin you should be fine.

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    What is Slender Soymilk, as I can only find 2-3 point soymilks. Are these in the refridgerated section?



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    Soy Slender is a product made by westsoy company. It is only 1 point per cup, and a great find!
    I've only been able to find it at Fred Meyer where I live, maybe if you have a Kroger around. (they're the same company)
    It's not refrigerated. It comes in a box like the other soy milks. Comes in Choc and Vanilla

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    What are vitatops? Where do you get them? What size are they? THANKS! Karen

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    Does the soy slender have that watery consistency, or is it anything like Silk or Sun Soy?


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    I don't know what the other soy milks are like, I've only tried the soy slender. It seems pretty "milky" to me, probably about the same as 2%. It has 3 grams of fiber per cup.
    hope that helps,

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    Skye, this is such a great thread!
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    hehe. thanks, jillian! suggestions from these lists have supplemented my grocery list recently.

    as a result i've:
    • discovered kellogg's 2-point cereal bars, </font>
    • braved a GLOP trial (not too bad!), </font>
    • bought myself some da vinci syrup, and, </font>
    • while browsing the whole food section in the grocery store recently, i discovered skinny brand corn chips (1 cup = 1 points). they are delicious! another item for the list!

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    Great thread! I don't know if I have 10, but here goes, in no particular order:

    -- grilled fish. Love it.
    -- sauerkraut (takes care of hunger and a salt craving in one fell swoop)
    -- 97% ff Hebrew National hot dogs (or for an extra point, the reduced fat which have less "filler")
    -- 2% cheese slices. Totally yummy.
    -- toasted pita bread with a smidgen of peanut butter
    -- veggie chili (beans, tomatos, onions, carrots, salsa, chili powder)
    -- my own creation - "cheesy chili bulgar" - cooked bulgar with one slice of 2% cheese melted in, mixed with (canned) diced tomatos, chopped green chiles (canned) and chili powder. 3 points' worth is SOOOOO filling.
    -- oatmeal

    I eat these more than I care to admit. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Some faves are:

    Chocolate bran muffins- 1 pt each

    Peanut butter, chocolate, pumpkin oatmeal- a very filling breakfast

    Skinny cows

    English muffin pizza

    Bisquick garden bake

    berry cheerios

    Dannon yogurt smoothies

    Zucchini, spaghetti squash, acorn squash- yum

    Great ideas on this thread- thanks!

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    girlinmotion Guest


    My summer-themed top 10:

    -Boca burgers (on the BBQ) w 2% cheese slice, sauteed mushroons+onions on a 1 point bun=3 point lunch!
    -DelMonte frozen fruit and fruit Smoothie bars = 1 point each
    -Berries and ultra LF coolwhip
    -Barbara's Cinnamon Puffins=1 point per cup (The Best Cereal Ever)
    -Vegetarian Chili (lots of recipes on the Vegetarian recipe board)=2-3 very filling points per cup
    -Kraft Sundried Tomato Oregano Light dressing = 1 point per Tbsp and sooooo delicious
    -Splenda -&gt;lets me bake without guilt
    -Orvilles Light microwave popcorn
    -Crystal Light lemonade

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    Some of these have already been mentioned, but they deserve to be mentioned more than once!

    1. Skinny Cows
    2. Smart Ones sundae cones
    3. WOW chips-- I'm partial to Ruffles
    4. Boca/Veggieburger/Morningstar Farms meat substitutes
    5. Turkey pepperoni
    6. Fat free hot dogs!
    7. Country Kitchen lite breads/English muffins
    8. Diet Sierra Mist (no caffiene!)
    9. Vitamuffins/tops
    10. Vegetarian entrees-- I do eat meat, but I've lost 101 pounds and part of that is due to the fact that I don't eat nearly as much as I used to!

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    Originally posted by k.hodgin:
    What are vitatops? Where do you get them? What size are they? THANKS! Karen
    Vitatops are literally the tops of muffins. They are sold by the Vitamuffin company and are only one point each for a top that is roughly the size of a large cookie. They can be purchased in some grocery stores and online at .

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