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    Have you all tried this stuff?!? I am loving them! They are frozen blanched soybeans and you just boil them for 5 minutes and eat them. I use a combination of salt and chile peppers in the water to boil them. It's a really tasty snack. 1/2 cup is 100 calories, 3 grams fat, 4 grams fiber and 8 grams of protein for 1 point!
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    Never heard of them. Where do you buy them?

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    You should be able to find them in the frozen food section. I just saw them at Safeway on Friday.
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    YUMMM love them. They are considered "bar food" in Japan where they put a bowl of them out on the bar instead of peanuts. They are yummy, especially salted, eaten right out of the pod.

    I boil them in water, then sprinkle sea salt on the outside of the pods. To eat them you pop the beans in your mouth. don't eat the pod!

    It's really high in protein, because they are a type of soy bean. Lots of research has been done on their health benefits.

    They can be addictive for me though LOL...I have been known to eat half a bag in one sitting. I supposed a half a bag of soy beans is better than half a bag on potato chips

    I get mine at Trader Joe's. Whenever I have seen them in the grocery store they are EXPENSIVE and look brown and icky. Trader Joe's has them frozen in the pod or out. I get them in the pod because then it takes longer to eat them, and they become a snack food that keeps my hands occupied.
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    TJ's are the best and seem to be lower in points too. I have seen the point vary brand by brand. Anyone else?

    Also, I prepare them just by putting them in a mug and letting them sit in the hot water from the coffee machine for 5 minutes. I love to eat them at work, and this prep method is so easy!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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    I saw them (in a huge bag, of course) at Costco this weekend.

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