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Thread: New JOLLY TIME healthy pop KETTLE corn!

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    Does anyone know the points for this?? It says it is sweetened with Splenda.


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    sorry couldnt be much help the book doesnt have that one listed but does have Orville Redenbacher's kettle corn listed as 4 cups for 4 points

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    I don't recall the exact points offhand, but the Redenbacher smart pop kettle corn is MUCH lower than 4 pts for 4 cups. I would imagine the JollyTime would be pretty similar, so if you can find the pts info for Orville you could use that.
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    Do you have the box right there with you? If so, tell me the calories, fat and fiber for a popped bag and I can give you the points.

    I found the points formula on the web a few days ago and I made a little Excel spreadsheet for it, so if you give me the numbers I can calculate it for you.
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    My WW leader told our group that ANY microwave popcorn, and she especially mentioned Jolly Time, that said 94% fat free is 2 points for the WHOLE bag. Has anyone else heard this? I hope I'm right b/c I've been eating a lot of those bags and always counting them as 2 points. BTW, it's a very filling and satisfying snack.

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    They are 2.5 sorry to nitpick put half here and half there add up.
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    Only 2.5 if you figure points per serving then multiply by number of servings you eat FOR EVERYTHING! If you are one who figures total cal/fat/fiber then it is 4 for most 94%micro popcorns. I believe the Jolly Time 94% Kettle Corn sweetened with splenda is 4 points per bag but I have not found it to add to my Popcorn Points List.

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    Here is a tip on popping corn in microwave:

    1) first make sure it is fresh (I store mine in the refrige)
    2) heat 1 cup of water to the boiling point in your microwave

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    Okay-I have Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free Kettle Korn right here. The trouble is the nutrition label says 1 serving is about 7 cups popped and there are 2 servings per bag. This is nonsense-I just popped a bag to the near burning point (not many "old maids") and I got 9 cups of product-8 cups of which was edible. So according to the small print on the label for popped product, a bag is, in reality, 180 calories-20 calories a cup for 9 cups-0 fat, and less than 1 gram of dietary fiber per cup which, being conservative, is 4 points for the bag. Darn!

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    Here is the nutrition info:

    serving size: 2 tbsp (makes 4 cups popped)
    Servings per bag: 2.5 (about 10 cups popped)

    calories 100 25 (1 cup popped)
    fat 2
    fiber 6

    Thanks for your help!

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    Check the fine print under the nutrition info-the fat and fiber counts might be for the UNPOPPED as it is with the Orville Redenbacher.

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