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    The nutritional information on the back of my 94% FF jolly time popcorn says: serving size 5 cups; calories 90, fat g 2, fiber 9. So, if I eat one serving and use the formula cal + (fat x 4) - (fiber x 10) /50 then I am eating 1.16 points right"? 90 + (2 x 4) - (4 x 10)= 1.16. What if I eat two and a half servings which is the whole bag. Do I just multiply the points to equal 2.9 and round to 3 points? Or do I have to refigue using the formula and only count the fiber from the first serving. In other words: 225 + (5 x 4) - (4 x 10) = 4.1 or 4 if I round off. Using the later, you can't really go back for seconds for the same points amount. I thought a not dog was only 1 point so if I had two it would be 2 points. Same for everything else I've been eating...bread etc. Is it true the second serving equals more points.
    Well, I'm on this subject, won't eating O point items like veggies evenutally equal points if you eat enough of them. Pumpkin comes to mind. Only 10 calores, 0 fat, lots of fiber. This eqauls 0 points for one half cup serving but what if I ate the whole can?
    Thanks for any help.

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    figuring popcorn points I always do the entire bag (12-14 cups x cal/fat/fiber capping at 4) so I get 4-5 points per bag. Others do it 1 point per 5 cups of the 94% and multiply that by 2.5 servings in the bag.

    As for most things pick one way to do it (either points per serving multiplied by number of servings or total cal/fat/fiber for what you ate) and do that consistently.

    As for the free veggies W/W already incorporated 250 calories into the program (thus making them free) for those type of things. They key still is moderation.

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    Tiggerrific Guest


    MilkyWay ~ [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img] Don't worry. I had the very same questions & this is what my leader told me.

    1) When eating more than 1 serving of any food, always double the # of points & not the cal/fat/fiber. So if it's 1 pt per serving, then 2 servings is 2 pts.

    2) You can never count more than 4 grams of fiber, even if the label says more. Remember that some fiber is better for you than others.

    3) Veggies will always be 0 pts (as long as they are 0 pts to begin with) no matter how many servings you eat at 1 sitting or how many servings you eat per day. Unfortunately, 5 a day is all your body can handle, so it really doesn't do you any good to get more than that. It's like getting more vitamins than the daily recommended allowance. Your body can only absorb so much.

    Hope this helps! [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Unfortunately, 5 a day is all your body can handle, so it really doesn't do you any good to get more than that.

    Who told you this...this is false. After taking several nutrition classes this is a totally false statement. LOL!

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