As the pounds crawl away into the deep, dark hole where they belong, I am starting to receive numerous compliments regarding how I look.
Then, inevitably, the questions start coming.

People want to know how I did it. They wait with baited breath, certain that what I am about to tell them will solve their obesity.

I choose my words carefully, knowing what people want to hear, but unable to give them what they need.

They want a magic weight loss bullet! They want magic words which they can make their own - something they can apply to their lives, or even their bodies, to help them shed the weight - a quick fix - something painless.

But little do they know that my magic bullet is called perserverance.

It's that thing in my head which tells me I am worth it. That life has to be more than chocolate fudge brownies.

It's that growing knowledge that there's only one way to lose weight - and that's the WW/BCB way - that my magic bullet is staying OP 24/7.

But, most importantly, it's knowing that there is no magic bullet in the form they would want.

As I list off how I lost weight I see their eyes glaze over and their smiles start to fade. They are already planning their suppers and making arrangements for daycare in their heads.

Their disappointment is palpable.

They begin to grow restlesss, and soon they make an excuse to scurry off in search of the magic potion, or life's other elusive dreams.

I am an anomoly - someone who believes that losing weight takes determination, planning, self-control and knowledge.

I am them, only a few short years ago.

I am the success story that's seldom printed - after all, there is no money to be had in good old-fashioned will-power.

I am a BCBer.