....some of you, but I feel it needs to be said. What has happened to BOOTCAMP???
What I mean is, where is the get tough attitude we used to be so famous for? This is not a board for whining about how hard this is (been there, done that), this is a board to prove to yourself that you CAN do this. This is not a board for pats on the back and "oh, that's OK, as long as you back on program now, you'll be fine". This is a board where we give out a few (gentle, fine) kicks in the you-know-what, and say "Look, if you want this enough you will follow the program". I don't think I can read any more posts about why this is too hard, and how bad you did this weekend, but don't worry you be better this week, then again the weekend comes and "help...what should I do?"
People only YOU can do this. Only YOU open your mouth and insert the food. Only YOU can stop the insanity! (Oh, no, I sound like Susan whats-her-name )
Anyhow, I hope I've made my point here. I needed to write this as much as many of you need to read it (me included). After all, I am only human, and struggle right along with the rest of you. No one ever said this was going to be easy. But it CAN be done.

*disclaimer*..this was not intentionally aimed at anyone in particular, so please don't think I am singling you out. This goes for all 4,00 plus of us!

Laurie~~ Some people dream about success...while others wake up and work hard at it.
~~One of the "original" BCB's since Oct.1999~~