I received this in an e-mail newsletter today, from one of the WW leaders that I work with. I don't think she'd mind me sharing it with all of you~~
Rather than lamenting what you do not have, make the
most of what you do have. Rather than being stopped by
what you cannot do, move forward by doing what you can
do. Instead of agonizing over the past or worrying
about the future, make sure that right now you are the
very best you can be.
Put your attention and your effort where they count.
Use your energy and your time where they can make the
biggest positive difference. Being positive is more
than just repeating happy phrases. Being positive
means living positive.

Being positive means seeing the possibilities for
improvement and advancement in every situation, and
acting on them. Being positive means doing what is
necessary and right even if it is not easy or popular.

Positive values are more than just platitudes. Sincere
positive values result in effective positive actions.
And those actions will bring real, lasting and
substantial achievement.