This was originally posted by Lizard in the dailies...Thank you Lizard!!!

I posted this on the Terrific 20's board as a reply to someone. I thought that it might be beneficial to some people who don't go over there.
Okay, look at it this way. We call our weight loss a journey, let's take this metaphor and run with it. So, for as long as you can remember you've wanted to go to this amazing place that everyone has been to (or, at least it seems like everyone). Let's call this place Skinnyville. So, you want to go to Skinnyville, but it's about 60 miles away. So you hop in your car and start driving. But around 40 miles into the trip you really are getting tired, you're running out of gas, and your right **** cheek is asleep. What should you do? You just passed a sign that says 20 miles to Skinnyville. You have DREAMED about seeing this beautiful land for quite some time now. You're close to the gas station, once you get some gas you can always turn around and go home, back to Unhappy Acres. Or you get out and shake that **** awake , fill your car with some new gas (a little high octane), and get on the road. You're more than half way there, you may as well see if it's everything that you hoped it would be! Besides, you know that there's nothing in Unhappy Acres that you want to return to. Once you get on the highway you'll see that there's a lot of traffic, this Skinnyville must be really something! Another thing that you'll notice is that the more traffic there is the easier it is to navigate the ROAD TO SKINNYVILLE. The most important thing you'll realize is that the most determined cars all have BCB license plates , and if you just follow them you'll be there in no time... those BCBer's know all the best roads to take.