I would like to encourage all of you to commit to staying OP (On Program) for 2001! Especially those of you who had a difficult time this holiday season and are now searching this board for inspiration.

I was reading the Daily Forum yesterday and came across an interesting statement. Someone said they made it through the Holidays because 3,000 BCB eyes were watching them.

I have successfully used that approach myself, on many occasions. However, I would like to take it one step further. While having a support system such as the BCBs, email friends & WWs meetings is very important, don't overlook the most important ingredient in your recipe for success... YOU!

You are the one who is watching when you grab that sliver of pizza and don't count it. You are the one who is watching when everyone is in bed and you rush to the fridge or pantry in anticipation. You are the one who sees you downing that Ice Cream or Candy.

What counts the most is not who else sees you but the fact that you see you! The decisions you make during those critical moments will define your future and it's the moment when only you can stop you!

Why is it worth it to stop yourself during those difficult, critical moments?

Who would want their heart & organs to be overloaded & overworked? Who would want the cells circulating in their body to be undernourished? Who would choose to tote that load of fat, day after day? Who would want to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about how they look & feel? Who would want to have their face buried in a plate of greasy fries, when the person sitting next to them needed to have their heart touched in a special way by you, but you were too busy to notice?


I want my eyes to see me... THE REAL ME! Not me, the food slave but me, the person who was born for a reason!

If you would like to join me in this commitment to staying OP for life by reporting for BCB duty for the year 2001, put your name down here and let's see how long this thread can get!

Happy New You EveryBuddy!

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