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Thread: Back in the saddle again.

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    Default Back in the saddle again.

    Hello every buddy. It has been awhile since I posted here. I had no luck with the newer WW programs but lost a lot of weight on Momentum in the past. I dusted off my old Momentum materials and have had 2 very good OP days working on a third. I am down 4 pounds. Water I suppose but I will take it. I enjoy Cooking and expiramenting with recipes. Eating good food is the only way I can do this. If I feel deprived it won't work.
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    congratulations for taking the stand of starting over, I have found it difficult to adapt to the changes at times, they rolled out yet another new one this week, and since i have a WW account and log all my food, it will use the new system. I am going to embrace it and see what happens.
    good luck to you

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