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    Hello! I am a 30 years old, 193 lbs, 5'6 and seven weeks postpartum, breastfeeding but also supplementing with formula one to two times a day. I decided to do WW to get back to my normal weight which is 150lbs. I have found the ww points calculator and it appears that I'm allowed 33 points daily? Also it says I'm allotted additional points each week? I know we get free fruits and veggies but can the veggies be steamed? I read they need to be in their normal state. Also, is it bad if I don't reach my full points for the day? Any help would be appreciated! Any resources you guys have that you would suggest would be great! I've struggled with eating disorders in the past and really want to make this work for me so I can stay healthy and not fall into a depression as I've done in the past.

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    The vegetables can be cooked or raw. I believe if you use fruit in a smoothie, you have to count it. Apparently blending it breaks it down so the sugar in the fruit reacts differently in your body.
    The program is designed so that you can lose weight eating all of your points. It's better if you can do that. I found that the higher the amount of points I was able to lose weight with, the easier it was to maintain the loss.

    There is a great website for recipes that has all the points listed. She also has a couple of cookbooks. I have both and they are excellent. Most of her recipes are family friendly too.

    Welcome to the boards. Look around at the different buddy groups and find one you think will be a good fit for you. Good luck.
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    Anyone else her new to WWs or just rejoining?

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    Hello. I just joined WW. I was a member about five years ago and lost some weight, but didn't stick with it. This time I really would like to lose weight and get in better shape. I came upon this website by chance while looking up restaurant menu WW points. Good luck with your WW program!

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