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    I am restarting the plan! I was going to meeting but hit a plateau and meeting time did not work with mt schedule. So now I am online and NEED support to stay compliant.

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    Welcome. Look around and find a group you'd like to post on.
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    "I am restarting the plan!"
    "I am online and NEED support to stay compliant."
    DITTO!!!!! lots of luck to you!!!

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    SAME here! The meetings are not handy and the WW boards do not exist anymore. I am thankful this wonderful group is here.

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    I am restarting the plan as well...

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    I am restarting the plan as well...

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    hi I am also restarting plan as I am the heaviest I have ever been so need to do something now,!!!!

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    Hello and Help please.

    I am restarting WW after being away for more than 12 years. I have know idea where to start. I do know however that I have 28 points per day. After that where do I start?


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    The plan has changed a lot from 12 years ago. Maybe check in with a meeting if you can or do it online? That way you can at least get the right information. There is lots of support on here as well, but better you try to get to a meeting if you can. Good luck and welcome to the board.
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