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Thread: Rejoining to reach Lifetime.

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    Hi, I have been on and off WW's since 2007. I originally started on the Flex Plan, had some health issues that put me on steroids so I stopped WW's. Went back to be on Points Plus, had a baby and stopped again.

    I have lost and gained 54lbs, the most I gained back was 20lbs after pregnancy and now lost it again. I have been back on WW's doing Points Plus at home on my own and it is working well for me but at some point I would like to go back to meetings. question is at what point should I go back to meetings so I can become a lifetime member if I meet my goal? I have 52lbs more to go.

    Thank you!

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    I forgot to say "Welcome to the Boards!" in my other post

    You pose a great question which I do not have an answer for, though I am certain someone here can enlighten us.

    LOTS of experienced WW members all around and everyone here is very helpful. Just not many visit this part of the forums. I recommend posting a quick hello into any of the active groups, and then pose your questions there.

    I'll hop in there myself for this one, and let others know there is a question here we need help with.... actually, let me post a forum announcement for you .

    BCB help, incoming!

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    I suggest you go back as soon as possible, I have never been sorry I rejoined, but many times have been sorry that I did not rejoin

    Rejoined 7/23/19
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    If you're close to goal you go back when you have 5 lbs to lose. Lose the 5 lbs and then do maintenance for six weeks to get lifetime. Then you weigh in once a calendar month to stay at goal.
    But you said you've got 52 to go. If you can manage meetings go now like Annie said. People who attend meetings do much better on average than those who don't.

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    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Thank you for the welcome and the replies. Do they require you to move over to the new plan when you join or do they allow you to use the older ones? I like the Points Plus because it is easy for me to track because most of the fruits and vegetables are free which has encouraged me to eat more of them than I probably would if I have to count them.

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