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  1. Angry Boomerang!! Please reply

    I am in tears bec I really tried to carry the WW message to someone who really needs help. There is a woman on Tv who sings 2 tunes at once. She claims her 382 lbs is due to a metabolic condition polycystic ovarian syndrome but she candidly admits that even b4 that kicked in she had an eating disorder and she was able to lose 100 lbs despite anything medical--only to regain and her parents have largely been enablers. She dodged diabetes narrowly. I was never as obese but I was on Depakote headache medicine wh can cause the exact same symptoms as pcos and though it slowed down the rate at which I lost the weight I got there at goal--13 lbs lost in 19 weeks and even maintained Lifetime since last Aug (12 lbs overweight looks 33 times that much on a very small barely 5 ft person like me. And that woman while blaring free and fat forever just isn't honest bec she has shown eps on tv of trying to work out, saying goodbye to comfort food and under the real threat of diabetes she managed to lose 18 lbs in a hurry. last week she collapsed on a dance floor. I faceboo messaged her about the dangers not just of diabetes but respiratory failure--she already uses CPAP--what if it fails at night? and even complications in childbirth if due to fat the uterus cant contract properly. I said WW is the best because you can eat anything so long as you measure points and amounts--unlike those vitamin deficient boring magic shakes or those packaged meals that taste like cat food. I suggested the parents lower the boom on her in this life threatening situation like threatening to cut off financial aid, cut her out of their wills or even if the situation goes on--have her forced into inpatient treatment as a danger to herself--like some parents do with alcoholic or drug addicts even tho their child is an adult. You should have seen the obscenities thrown at me in response by "Commentators". I was doing no worse or ruder than the Tv people who wave those colostomy bags and warn of the consequences of smoking. Arent we--like AA or Na--supposed to carry and spread the beneficial lessons we learned--the 12th step? please if there is any body who had a WW boomerang like this write on this board or email me

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    Try not to take comments from people on the internet to heart. Especially those on facebook or youtube. Rude replies are the norm these days, often made to intentionally rouse the poster.

    Also understand, which I am sure you do already - you can't make other people change their ways, we can only change ourselves. After you plant your seeds, it is best to just walk away. It is up to them to cultivate and harvest if they so choose.

    I'd say you've done well. Now quit dwelling on this and move on.

    note: I also removed your email address from your post. You don't want that posted publicly like that for spammers. Our members can click on your username, and send you an email through the 'send email' link.

    Best Wishes

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