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Thread: Big update! Coming now!

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    Default Big update! Coming now!

    The moment you've all been waiting for, has finally arrived!

    By morning, there will be a NEW Health Discovery!

    I will be launching an update to a large amount of website-pages on You probably won't notice much change here on the forums, but I do expect a couple of brief disturbances as I run other updates on the server (possibly a couple of server restarts)

    The web-pages side of healthdiscovery will be 'down for maintenance' sometime in the wee hours of the night.
    During that time, the forums will still function, and posting can continue for any night-owls, or very early morning birds.

    What exactly is being updated?

    Well, lots of things! I don't even know where to start.
    Most of which are still a work in progress....

    - A new site template (mobile friendly for phones)
    - Updated Restaurant Menus, using 2016 nutrition facts and including Smart-Points
    - Updated Recipes (not really new ones yet, but a new way of displaying them, soon to have smart-points)
    - Updated Articles (again not really new ones yet, just a new system that will let us add new ones easier)

    Now I know most sites, release updates and everything is perfect and what not. If I had 20 people working for me, ours might be too! I do what I can. Though I am actually impressed with what that is sometimes. Hopefully you will be too! ( don't judge my pictures, I am no artist!)

    Here a closer look:

    I did not get around to the 'tools' section of healthdiscovery. Though I do have some interesting things planned there. You'll notice that particular part of our site, and some others, will still have the OLD pages.

    I'll mostly be working on adding new restaurants for a while. If you thoroughly enjoy the new system, and want to make a request for a restaurant, please feel free. I should be able to get at least 5 added per week. The new system I developed is very accurate, up-to-date, and easier for me to maintain.

    I've got a little bit more work before you all can start adding recipes to the system - mainly the old recipes are missing some nutrition information, and pictures. I can get the nutrition information, but no way can I cook that much myself!
    I'll eventually add generic pictures, but, IF YOU MAKE A RECIPE FROM THAT SECTION, PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE AND SEND IT IN! If you find a recipe in there that is not good, or have one that is better - let me know and we can update it. Hang on to your favorite recipes, we can start sharing them easier, soon.

    Despite being a 'Weight-Watchers' site. Our articles section has 2 articles about Weight-Watchers. One of which was poorly written by me. Only 4 Articles about Eating Healthy. The rest are all about exercise, fitness, and weight-loss. If you're a writer, even in the very least. Or you know of some superb forum threads we can promote - I'll accept any article style writing about Weight Watchers, or Healthy Eating. Take a look at the improved articles section after it launches, and see if it's something you may want to be a part of.

    BCB Forums / Blogs
    You already got your fancy shmancy colors and a new logo Next big update might be coming your way though.

    I updated our privacy policy and disclaimer to reflect the new restaurant information and smart-points.
    Added an 'About' page that still needs some revisions, but it is coming along.
    I also added a link at the bottom where you can $donate to (me) via PayPal - which will help ensure I can keep working on these things instead of a 2nd job in the summer heat.

    You can also help by spreading the word! Let other sites know that we are back with it! Share the new pages on social networks, link to us from other websites, ect. It will help!

    Here we go, in 3, 2.......*big deep breath*... 1

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reply in this thread, or 'contact us' to reach me direct.

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Jason, wow!! I as the former owner of this site realize the time and dedication it takes to make such a massive update! Good job son!

    Made Lifetime 3/08/2000
    Never since returned to starting weight... However, I have had to recommit from time to time... and get this back into order. This is NOT a diet, but a lifetime way of eating.

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Thanks ma! Glad you like it!

    I am awestruck many times when I see how MANY pages that you did, but really, it's the Boot Camp Buddies community, that is impressive. My new pages of information are great - but you, and the groups here, truly inspired peopled and helped so many of them reach their goals.

    I hope to some day, do the same.

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Jason, thank you so much!! You are doing amazing work for us and for this site!!

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Jason, it sounds like it will be amazing! Might even inspire me to try smart points rather than chugging along best I trying to keep doing points plus. Just can't get my head wrapped around the smart points. Maybe when my hubby is not so ill, I can really apply myself to something new.
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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    I can't imagine the sort of work required to keep us running. Jason you're amazing. Your mom too. Thank you to both of you. The friendships and inspiration I've found here will last forever.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Thank you Jason. You're doing a wonderful job and we appreciate you!

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    BCB is very inspiring to me. I feel that it's all of you, that are doing the great work. We are just providing the means and the way to help make it happen.

    It is a pleasure. I actually ENJOY the technical stuff, and I've always loved being helpful. Good moral values my mother taught me I guess

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Well then Thank you Denise for turning this awesome site over to such a wonderful, dedicated son
    lost 18.0 since December, its my journey

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Thank you so much Jason, for all you do! And Denise for getting it all started.

    "A merry heart does good, like medicine..." Prov. 17:22
    "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." Mary Kay Ash

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    Default Re: Big update! Coming now!

    Great job Jason. I love all the changes. Definitely updated! It has been quite a while but this is great.

    SW ​237

    Goal: 150 10/01

    If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.
    -Richard Bach

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    Thank you for your service to this online community!!!!

    (Is this message intended to help me make my 5-posts quota? Yup, but the sentiment is genuine.)

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