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    Default WW and restarting

    Me and hubby restarted on Weight Watchers. It has been 4 years. I have to say it was time to. Now with that said we have chosen to only do online till Spring due to weather. The site use to be so friendly to use. I cant find the forums now where we do the accomplishments. I love setting my little goals up so I stay on track better. I finally found where to track my foods last night. I started on the 1st. Am getting discouraged trying to navigate it. This is one reason I would cancel and fact I had special K yogurt cereal and 1/2 cup Almond milk and it was 8 pts I am feeling hungry. Guess I was so use to having a bowl of milk and cereal I over ate maybe that is why. Now I have to plan 2 meals and a snack around 22 pts. Maybe am just feeling overwhelmed. Any advice to make this easier is welcomed... Please.

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    Lean meats and fish are very low in points pair that up with a ton of zero points veggies and you've got two good meals.

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    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Red face Re: WW and restarting

    Hey! I'm restarting as well. I did a half-hearted try of WW a long time ago. Never lost any weight but that was because I didn't really try.

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    Dobeigh, it doesn't have to be "All or Nothing", but you've gotta give some effort. Old habits are hard to break.

    Great advice Peg. The trend has usually been to fill up with low/zero point foods to curb hunger. (Back in the day, they had 0 point english muffins, lol.)
    Maybe you could try a cereal with less smartpoints, so you don't have to give up the bowl of cereal? Seems like it should be a legit meal.

    The almond milk is like, what - 1 smartpoint for whole cup?
    3/4 cup of the bite-size frosted mini-wheats look to be 3 smartpoints. I find them very filling.

    You'll have to check smartpoints values with your official WW tools. I am only going by other reference. Hope the idea helps.

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    Default Re: WW and restarting

    Me too! I also carried a Planet Fitness card in my wallet for a couple of years, and it never seemed to make any difference. It wasn't until I remembered where the darn PF place was and went in to ask about that it seemed to start to make a difference. Imagine that?

    Back on WW again, journaling but this time on my phone so it's a little more fun and easy to do.

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