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    I was a Weight Watchers member many years ago. I am thinking of trying the new program, online only. Has anyone tried the new program and/or done Weight Watchers online? Thanks.

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    I have done WW on line and I liked it. I am hoping to get the new program info next week, then I will decide what program is best for me to follow. I am doing the old points program right now. I lost faster on it than on Points Plus, but I was able to eat more on points plus. All are good programs. I am hoping to switch to the new program.
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    Hi, I use to post here in 03 and beyond. I am a lifetime member as I reached my goal with a 73# loss however I have gained back . so I am snooping around to see what the new 2016 program is all about, if anybody can put me in the right direction that would be appreciated. I suspect it is basically the same only re-arranged. WW is good for that but it seems to work when they roll out something new. Thanks in advance!
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    the weight watchers center closest to me (20 miles) closed and the meetings were spread out to various churches and community centers. All of these are even further away. I decided to try online and I love it with the smart phone. It's a fun way to track food, read success stories, check restaurant points plus and I have it synced to my fitbit.

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    I am glad the online is working for you Kitty. I think I would be lost without my meeting. It is nice to be able to sync it with the Fitbit and have all your activity points always calculated for you.
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    The smart points just did not work for me. Probably because there was so much stress in my life with my husbands health issues. Things have kind of turned a corner and I have been considering on-line. Sigh! I don't know. Would have to do smart points there, but just on my own at home, can do my points plus. Not near ready to go back to the meeting. Would not want to leave him alone for that long, just yet.
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    My closest Weight Watchers Center closed and i do WW online. I really like it because I like the iPhone app and the convenience of tracking on the app and checking a food or restaurant on the phone. Also, there is support here and on Facebook along with many great recipes.

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