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    Did anyone see the email that WW has a new innovation coming that is the most exciting thing in the last 50 years? That certainly piqued my interest. Is there going to be a change in the plan? Does anyone know?

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    When WW introduced the points plan, only the people who actually helped with the testing knew about it prior to Jan. 1.

    I personally don't see how they can improve on the points plan, but who knows? Maybe the food plan isn't what they mean by exciting innovation. I think that we're just gonna have to wait patiently.
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    I really, REALLY hope they don't introduce a new way to calculate points...

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    Just because they roll out a new program or a new way to count points, doesn't mean the old ways don't work. My favorite program is the old exchange program, you can't eat junk and count the points because you have a number of exchanges and they have to come from certain food groups. This way you restrict carbs, but have to get in your fruits, dairy, healthy fats, protein and veggies. Came out in the early 80's, I lost my Quick Start cookbook but found one on Amazon for .01 with the entire plan and recipes, I love it.

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