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    Can someone please tell me about the different weight watcher programs and a little about them

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    Currently there is one Weight Watcher program and that is PointsPlus. However, there are several options under PointsPlus.

    It's suggested new people start with Simple Start. This program focuses on the Power Foods. Sample menus are provided. As long as you stick to Power Foods you do not have to weigh, measure or count points. You are supposed to eat to satisfaction (as with all of the options). You also have 7 "indulgence" points to use each day for foods that are not Power Foods.

    Simply Filling is very similar to Simple Start. You still concentrate on Power Foods, but you have 49 weekly points plus allowance that can be used at any time during the week.

    The points counting option is the one most people are the most familiar with. With this option you are given a daily points target. That is based on: age, gender, height and current weight. You are to eat that target at a minimum each day. You also have 49 weekly points plus allowance.

    There is so much more information. It's impossible to provide it all here.

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    I weigh 205 pounds. I don't like going for any kind of weigh loss programs and its very hard for me to control my eating habits. I thought it was okay to put on weight but recently I saw a change over in my brother. He weighed 190 ponds. After joining a weigh loss class at Harvey Brooker's ( Toronto ) he's reduced its weight to 170 after just 3 months. I'm feeling jealous. I've decided to join a weight loss program and take it seriously this time. Harvey Brooker is a men's only weight loss that's not going to help me. I'm looking for a good one. Suggestions please. How do I keep motivating myself to continue with the weight loss program.

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