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    I have never had a vegetable smoothie in my life. But, I am thinking about it a lot lately.
    Any suggestions on this for a newbie? Anyone have one that's great for you and tastes good? What equipment should I get? Thanks in advance for what you can share.

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    boy, glad I saw this. I bought at bed bath & beyond this extractor nutribullet like a blender/juicer. love it SB, esp. bc the pulp is retained and blended so smoothly. i grow a garden so bought this late summer 2012. i blend kale w/ carrot/celery/apple or spinach/apple/celery you know whatever is on hand. i hope this helps. oh, easy cleanup too
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    Thanks Cheryl! Any issues with it handling the hard or large items?

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    No. The hardest item I've used are carrots, apples, nuts. No problem. With bed bath&beyond, as long as you keep that recpt., they'll take it back no matter how old, easy return policy.
    I really like mine, the buddies on other threads prob. laugh, I could be a spokesperson
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    Good to know. Thanks Cheryl!

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    I actually have a Vitamix. It will blend down and make smooth just about anything and everything. You have to save your pennies for one of these as they run around $450 - $600. Depending on the model you choose. But if you have the money to spend, it is so worth it. Of course, I got mine second hand, so I did not(nor could I) spend nearly that amount.

    I do have a queston regarding how I am calculating the points on a veggie & fruit smooth. The entire blender is 4 points. I just feel like I must me doing something wrong. To good to be true, if you know what I mean. So I would like to ask anyone out there if this is correct.
    So a standard smoothie I make has 1c almond mild (1 point), 1 scoop of protein powder (3 points) and then a variety of spinach, kale, apple, banada,blueberry or what ever fruit (some fresh, some frozen) I have on hand.But here is my questions. Is thing thing really just 4 points? All the fruit is free. fresh or frozen. As long as it is not cooked. Right? Am I calculating this correctly?

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    there was a discussion on the ww boards about this. if you put what you have in the recipe builder it will give points on the veggies. if you put all of what you mentioned in the food tracker online, and saved as a meal, it will only count the pts of the protein and the milk. not sure what to tell you. i count the points when i make my veggie smoothies.
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    4 point delicious smoothie!!!

    in blender:-
    1 frozen banana
    one half frozen, or fresh papaya
    a few berries
    third cup of non fat yogurt
    half cup sugar free almond milk
    handful fresh spinach or kale

    whir up till blended, I like it frozen because it is a bit like ice cream, but as long as it is cold

    amazing how you DO NOT taste the veggies, yet they are calorie free and so healthy!

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    Denise Elsberry Guest

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    I use spinach and kale for the greens. I also throw in a apple to sweeten it a little and carrots. You can pretty much throw in any veggies. Broccoli is good too.

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