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Thread: Returning WW -- Joining you!!

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    Hi everyone!!

    I am a twice obtained LT member of WW and find myself currently about 20# over where I'd like to be. I attended meetings until this past month as I am tired of throwing away a meeting fee for gaining weight.

    I'm not sure where my head has been the past 3 months, but I need to get it back together as my clothes are starting to look like crap and I'm not feeling 100%.

    I'm looking for a board where people understand me. Where people talk WW as well as life itself.

    Can you tell me if I've found what I've been looking for??

    Grandma to 3

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    Welcome Grandma to 3!

    You have certainly found what you have been looking for! There are plenty of boards for you to post on where people talk WW and life. Not sure if you'd prefer to group up with people your own age (not that you're old! lol I'm just assuming you aren't in your 30s since you are a Grandma to 3 but I have been wrong before!) or if it doesn't matter, you're welcome to join me. I post on the 20s, 30s, and 40s board (I'm 31) where I started a daily thread, but there are several places for you to jump right in.

    The boards are a bit more quiet than they used to be, but just jump on in anywhere. It's a very forgiving community.

    Welcome and good luck on your journey!
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    I too am re joining work has the program and I will join tomorrow. Hopefully this time I will endure since it will be my 5th time.

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    Default Re: Returning WW -- Joining you!!

    I too am Lifetime, and am back. I am doing Points Plus, since that works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimL3222 View Post
    I too am Lifetime, and am back. I am doing Points Plus, since that works for me.
    I'm back on Points Plus after losing from 283 to 165, then getting stuck because my doctor wouldn't let me count this as my goal weight. Since WW wouldn't let me go on maintenance without a doctor's note, I quit attending meetings. It took me 1.5 years and a weight gain back to 232 pounds before I finally got my head together. I won't be returning to meetings (or letting my doctor make goal weight decisions for me anymore!), but I am putting together a support system to help me stay on track.

    I feel comfortable with 165 as a goal weight because I have massive folds of "flubber" when I'm at that weight, and this is where my weight loss naturally stops.

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    So anyway, the way that I am using Points Plus for myself is that I am going to use my 2014 calculator until it breaks, LOL. Meanwhile I'll be collecting a couple more calculators from eBay as a backup. The most important part of it for me is getting my daily allowances of dairy, fruit/veg, etc. If I hold myself accountable for not just the calories/points consumed, but also for the proper nutritional balance, it works very well for me.

    I don't feel comfortable going back to WW because I will keep running into the goal weight problem that I discussed above. I have so much loose skin and empty fat cells when I weigh 165 pounds that there is just no going below that weight (without a tummy tuck, which I'd love to have someday if I can stabilize at my goal weight).

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    I am LTand am coming back for the third time. The new Smart points plan is confusing me a bit. Do I have to go back and refigure points for my "old WW" recipes?

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