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  1. Smile 3rd week

    First two weeks I did PointsPlus. I was perfectly on this and decided on week 3 I'd challenge myself to going on SFT to see how that works. I have used about 20 weeklies,not too bad but my portions are larger and I'm very concerned about that once again and may have gained some.
    I go to meetings but I know that if there is a gain and I weigh in tomorrow, it won't be a bad thing. It will show me that about 14 weeks from the new year as of today I had better stick with pointsplus and not trust myself and that's ok.
    In any event my name is Stacy and glad to meet everyone.

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    Welcome Stacy! I am making preparations for the new year also. I hope you stick around with us.
    You can join in with the rest of the BCBs down in the groups now.

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    Stacy I think SF is a great plan but you want to let your weight be your guide. Maybe give it more than one week.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    welcome Stacy. Hope to get to know you more
    Tracking is my new normal
    goal reached 1999 and 2011 and 20??

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    How is SF working out for you? I'm doing pp but curious in Sf. I like the fact that you don't really focus on counting points.

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