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Thread: Anyone up for an OP CHALLENGE?

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    Default Anyone up for an OP CHALLENGE?

    My daughter is in the military and about ready to be deployed. I am wanting to do a big personal challenge for myself to see if I can be OP until she gets back. OP meaning "on program" every day and that includes exercise. She will be gone 8 months approximately. I want her to come home to a more healthy mom. Does anyone else have a kid in the military that would like to join me? Even if you don't have military kids, perhaps you would like to see how many days in a row you could be OP too? I am doing points plus from a couple years ago because it seems to fit me just perfect. Anyhoo, anyone in?
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    Default Re: Anyone up for an OP CHALLENGE?

    Angie I'd love to be part of this. I worry that 8 months is a bit of a challenge. Well not for your daughter right? She's ready for her challenge.

    I'll commit to doing this with you and I will add I am not going to beat myself up if I fall off the wagon. I'll get right back on and still consider myself part of the challenge. Good? No all or nothing. Just honesty from me.

    Will we we post every day?

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    I'd like to try to do this too. Angie? Where you be?
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