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Thread: New Weight Watchers Member who needs support!

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    Hello! I just started WW and Iím a type two diabetic. I am a lifetime member and decided to re-join WW because of my health. I take insulin four times a day and it is taking a toll on my body. I weigh the highest I have ever been and Iím worried. I almost passed out last week because I was over-exerting myself.

    Are there any diabetics on this forum on insulin and has this program worked for you? My doctor told me that my chances of losing weight were slim because of the insulin but she wonít take me off the insulin until my blood sugar levels are stabilized.

    I joined WW last Saturday and when I weighed in on Tuesday, I lost 2 pounds. I hope this is a good sign!


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    Nice job on the two pounds. Just keep at it. I don't think it's impossible with insulin. Listen to your body. Keep posting and maybe you'll find someone else on insulin here.

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    hi I am pre diabetic and I take care of my mother and father my mother has type 2 and she is really really badsick , she has the kinds of neuropathy and it has taken her eyes , she can not urinate she has to use catheters to go and she has gastroparesis where she can I eat at all he's about heading for a feeding tubehe glad you're on insulin it helps more than pills and you do not want to be like my mother, you do Weight Watchers are you sure you will lose at least a half pound and if not you will just lose very slowly ,and you will be eating much better I am positive that will make your blood sugar better so don't give up I have also started Weight Watchers today I'm actually doing it right I do not want to end up like my mother thank you can add me as a friend if you would like

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