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Thread: Weight Watchers Cancelling "Drop In" Weigh Ins?

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    Default Weight Watchers Cancelling "Drop In" Weigh Ins?

    Is it going back to only weighing in during scheduled meeting times?

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    Default Re: Weight Watchers Cancelling "Drop In" Weigh Ins?

    I know Open Hours were discontinued at the center where I weigh in, but it looks like they are still having them in other areas. Our Open Hours were stopped a few months back. You can check the Weight Watcher website and use their "Find a Meeting" feature to see if Open Hours are still available. However, maybe with the new personal coaching that WWers is rolling out (at an additional cost) they are going to discontinue Open Hours. I haven't seen anything official about it though.

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    Default Re: Weight Watchers Cancelling "Drop In" Weigh Ins?

    We still have open hours but the ones that were not well attended were closed.

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    Default Re: Weight Watchers Cancelling "Drop In" Weigh Ins?

    Thanks. I was at my center yesterday and they said that there would be no more open hours there effective the end of 2014.

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