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    Default Hello - Advice needed

    I need to clear my head and get back on track. I need advice from you all as I'm struggling right now.

    I won't bore you with all the details but here if is in a nut shell.

    I lost my my mom in July, 2013. When she passed I really did well on WW and lost a lot of weight. I recently lost my dad unexpectedly Oct, 2014. I can't seem to get my head back on track. I know I did it before and I do know that my dad, sister and brother were very proud of me.

    Any Advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Oh dear. I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe you need to speak with a professional to help you deal with your grief? You have no control over what has happened in your life, but you do have control over what you put in your mouth. It sounds like you did really well in the past. Take it one day, one meal at a time. If you can find a meeting to go to, that would help to connect with others. Try to get out and walk or do some other exercise. That can help clear your head and make you feel better. Find a group on the boards here that you feel is a good fit. Many of us have been here a long time and it's a really supportive community. Take care of yourself. Good luck.
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