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    Talking Intro / Back At It Again

    Hi there,

    I've visited the forum off and on a few times over the yrs, but never really got active on here. That's probably one of the big reasons I never followed through with WW Online plan. Due to working out of town here and there I have also found it hard to stay on track.

    Well I'm back working in town for now (probably for several years, I hope) and figured I should get back on track, get re-focused, and contribute to the forum. I'm starting to Weight Watchers Online program and will probably have lots of questions, so please go easy on me.

    According to Weight Watchers healthy weight calculation I should be around 180 lbs.... Currently I'm 255 lbs. Looks like I got ways to go but I think its finally time for me to do so.

    Don't really know what else to say, if anyone needs some more info or would like to ask me questions, just go ahead, I'll try to check the site out each day.

    Looking forward to meeting people from all over on here and picking their brains.

    Thanks for your time,
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    Welcome Shaun,
    It's not busy here like it was years ago, but there are some amazing people on here. Look around, you should be able to find a group that you're comfortable post on.
    Work the program and the program will work for you!
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    Thanks for the advice, for sure I will have to find an active group and keep on track that way.

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    Welcome back from another Canadian. Good luck on your journey.
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