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    I went to weight watchers several years ago. I lost about 60 pounds. I have since gained some of that back. I am thinking of signing up again after a recent weight loss challenge put on by my sister. I lost 6 pounds in 5 days.(It wasn't a weight watcher program) I cannot afford her program.

    Anyway with my work schedule I am unable to go to meetings in this area.
    I was thinking of trying weight watchers online. I was wondering what the online program included, what do you get when you sign up. I went to the website, but counldn't find where it says what you get. I know it said you get apps for your phone, I don't have a fancy phone that gets apps. I still have a dinosaur cell phone.

    Just not sure how the online program would work and if someone can fill me.

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    you need a smart phone . i had a old flip phone and got a smart phone at walmart. i love the online app. found another cool thing the other day. its worth it IMO
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    I'm thinking of trying weight watcher online also
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    Thanks for your info. I was curious about the app. Mary

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    I don't "track" my points ... what I mean is that when I am OP (and I lost 120 pounds in 2013-14 before going off the program and regaining 70), it is because I've pre-planned my foods on the previous evening, and I don't deviate from the plan unless there's a huge emergency. So tracking on my phone isn't a reason to join WW online for me. I'm not returning to official Weight Watchers membership this time; I'm relying on my experience and resources for using Points Plus, and on the support of this group and other not-officially-Weight Watchers forums.

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    I've just started weight watchers online last week. Staying on program is easier than I though, web sites like this one keeps me on track lost 4 pounds so far, taking it slow abs steady .

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    I've used WW online on and off. I currently use the app iTrackBites. One time purchase of
    $3-4.00. Works great and it has the new Smartpoints too. It also offers a couple of the older programs.
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