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    I'm new. Any tips are welcome!!

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    I am also new here. Your tips and advice are welcome

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    I used to do Weight Watchers about 10 years ago and had great success. I stopped because I could not afford it any more. I decided to use the old stuff I had and start again the old way. I have no idea what they have changed, etc. but I figured if I had success on the old plan, I can do it again!!

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    Also new here. I started on Points Plus yesterday. I think I really need the accountability of Weight Watchers, and I am a nerd for budgeting, so I think being able to "budget" my food points is going to work for me. I actually got to have a 4 ounce glass of wine last night and not feel guilty for it, because I budgeted for it in my daily points.. and also it will keep me from over drinking, since I can't "afford" more than one 4 ounce glass! So, good all around! I lost weight years ago on WW, but since then, menopause, etc, and here I am 20 pounds over weight! I just saw a photo of myself taken the other day, and that jolted me out of my rose colored dream that I was "proportionate" and didn't really need to lose weight. I'm fat! LOL

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    I am also new and can relate to Rafiki1971 and 202lose. I am a life time member but gained more all my weight back and then some. I really need a group to keep me motivated and accountalbe. Here's to new a bran new journey

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    202lose, when you say you budgeted for your glass of wine do you just mean that you had that glass of wine and still stayed within your daily points? I had some wine too last night too, but I went over my daily points and it came out of my weekly pointsplus allowance. Do you use the weekly allowance? I had a really hard time staying in my daily points yesterday. Of course it was my first day back doing WW in a long time! I used all 26 points and used 8 of my allowance!

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