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Thread: Anyone Doing Simple Start or Simply Filling?

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    Default Anyone Doing Simple Start or Simply Filling?

    Just curious as to whether anyone is doing Simple Start or Simply Filling. I did Simple Start when it was first introduced, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how satisfied I was with my eating.
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    I do Simply Filling and feel so much more satisfied and your cravings for junk go away after a while, I feel so much more healthier when I cut out the junk and processed foods, and I rarely think of food like I used to when I did Points

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    Is simply filling low carb. I used to to do the core.

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    Simply filling IS Core. You eat power foods. Watch your portion sizes. If you eat a food outside of power foods you take it out of your 49 points. You can switch your tracker to simply filling. Easy easy.

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    I think any Weight Watchers can be low carb. All foods are allowed and given points plus value so count the carbs and points and keep both in the allowed amounts. I looked at this because my cardiologist recommended a low carb diet but gave me no guidelines and I followed one carefully and gained like crazy. I started back on Weight Watchers and began to lose again. I am not sure why the Dr. said low carb and I am not sure I want to count two things every meal but it's possible to do.

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    I'm doing simply filling. Armed with the food list and this community, I feel SO encouraged to stick with it. I'm not a believer in the fat-free lifestyle, so my loss may be a bit slower. I plan to use low fat when possible, but will also be using
    real butter and some coconut oil, and 2% milk. I am gluten free and don't eat much bread at all, so I figure my little bit of fat may make up for the allowed whole grain breads....anyway, here goes day one!

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    I have not started simply filling, however, I agree with you on eating butter and eating some fat. Butter is natural anyway, so if we intake that but cut in other areas then I believe we will be just fine. Certain things counteract others, like grape juice/wine clean out the arteries where fats could make the plaque build up. So if we eat food with antioxidants and things that fight fat and toxins we can eat some natural fats and be fine. We just have to know what we are doing.

    I really don't like 1% milk and fat-free items because they are bland. But I don't mind cooking with those because it doesn't matter as much. One tip though...if you have stripped your diet of certain things like 2% and whole milk and if you have fasted from them, our taste buds will then like the things we add back that are less fattening. For example, I fasted from fast food, meats and sweets for 21 days. I ate veggies, grains, fruits, nuts, etc. Then because I did not have 2% or whole milk like usual, the 1% milk actually tasted good. So if done right we can change our tastes for things and get rid of things we shouldn't have. Just an FYI. Good luck to you kimandi59ck!

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