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    I am under a lot of stress right now, probably not the best time to lose weight but I want to do this and it is honestly the only thing I really have control over right now.

    What do you do when you want to stress eat? Work out, have some veggies?

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    Hey, there. Have you had any luck getting into the other forums? I sent the ADMIN an email today, so hopefully soon I'll get some answers and pass them on.

    As for your stress eating question....I am a BIG TIME stress eater. I've been stressed out A LOT lately as well, and I think the only reason I started WW on Tuesday is because my blood sugar was too high and my doctor had to put me on a second medication for it. I wish I had started before all this type II diabetes grabbed me a few years ago....but I can only look forward and not beat myself up about it.

    I do try to keep fresh veggies around. I recently found out that sweet peppers aren't too bad - I eat them with carrots, broccoli, celery, and grape tomatoes. I can't eat them without Ranch, though, so I buy the Light Ranch. I think it's 4 points for a 1/4 cup, and that's A LOT of ranch. I usually only eat 2 Tablespoons at a time, but if I'm really stressed, I'll go ahead and eat the whole 1/4 cup with veggies - it takes a while to eat so I can calm down while I'm crunching. Seems to help.

    I know fruit is 0 points, but they have lots of carbs, so I try to keep strawberries and blueberries as my "go to" fruits because they are lower....but I do have bananas, pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc, too.

    My other secret weapon is sunflower seeds in the shell. They have a lot of fat, but it's a good fat. Also, they are 4-5 points for a 3/4 cup (in shell depending on the brand). To me it's worth it, because it takes me about an hour to crack and eat the whole serving. I get them from a whole foods place, so they have a lot less sodium than the regular ones you buy.

    I'm trying to cut down on the time I spend eating, but I'm a big binge eater, so I'm used to eating constantly - and I mean CONSTANTLY, so I feel like I'm doing fine staying within points for now since it's been a while since I've cut down on my food intake.

    My official weigh in day is Saturday, so I got on my scale today and discovered that I lost 7 pounds my first week! I know it'll be less lost per week from here on out, but I'm thrilled. I honestly wasn't sure I'd be able to stay on the program with all the stress I'm dealing with right now, but I did it! And so can you!!

    When is your weigh-in day? Looking forward to hearing how you are doing!

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    Stress eating is consuming food in response to your feelings, especially when you are not hungry. Stress eating is also sometimes called emotional eating. Emotional eating means that your emotions, not your body, dictate when and how much you eat.

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    I am a big stress eater with a lot of stress in my life right now. Right now I am just trying to write down everything I put in my mouth and also when I feel stressed I go for a walk (even if it is a short walk). I think that I am going to start cranking up music and dancing when the weather gets bad.

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    thats an excellent idea TeHe67
    lost 18.0 since December, its my journey

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    i am a big stress eater too. I realized though that the things i eat when i'm stressed tend to make me more stressed and then ...well, big circle right? So, when i realize i'm stress eating, i also try to take a break - get out for a walk, clean something (yeah, i know ) and i also try not to have trigger foods anywhere near me. its hard at work but I've pretty much trained myself that anything in the common areas have germs. At home, i just realized, stress eating salads, fruit, greek yogart is much healthier for me.

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    I do stress eating whenever I feel alone, but lately when I feel down I just watch my cats play inside the kittywalk system located in the garden.

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