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    Hi, there!

    I'm new since yesterday, and I think I've posted 6 times, but I still can't get in to update my profile and have access to the rest of the board. I tried to look around for help, but I couldn't find it. So sorry, I'm sure it's there, but I just didn't see it. What should I do?

    I want to get started with the group - it's my 3rd day on WW, and I'm not really hungry at all, but I know that "hump" is coming in the next few days. I want to keep on target by connecting with people who are on this journey, too!

    Thank you to anyone who can help me with this. I'll go check my email to see if there are instructions for contacting whomever I need to contact to be able to have more access.

    I appreciate everyone here who is sharing stories, I really need the community.

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    Hi, I am new also and have the 5 plus required posts and I can't access the profile that needs to be done before we can go on the other boards. Maybe it has to be 5 posts you start not including replies? I am confused also lol.

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    I have also done the minimum posts, and still cannot access my profile to be able to use the boards fully.


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    Maybe it's 5 posts in five days? I still can't access the rest of the forums...

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