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    Good morning. I am new to this site and trying to do this from memory. I have all the books and an app on my cell that is very similar to the ww apps (but of course not as good!) I am going to need some some help i think lol. My biggest issue is portion control! If i LOVE it i EAT it!! lol. I need to get some portioned out plates to help me i think. This is why i think ww will help me as i will need to measure and weigh before i eat to know i am calculating my points properly. I am doing the points plus. I like this as all fruits and veg are free. This appeals to me. But what is the biggest difference with the simply filling??

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    Hi, I don't know a lot about the simply filling plan, except that you don't count points. I don't think I'd be very successful on it because I have lost that signal that says, "stop you are full!", so I think I would eat too much. "Satisfied" is a very hard thing for me to tell with myself after so many years of overeating. Some people, I know, do VERY well on it, though, so I think it's a personal thing. There is a list of foods and you eat only what's on the list. I like the points plus because I have have just about anything...and it gives me a limit. It works for me.

    I wish you the best on your journey!

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