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    Posting 3 good things every day. Writing down positives, or things thankful for (and why) is scientifically proven to reduce depression and increase well-being.

    Here goes:

    Saturday mornings--getting to sleep in, hang around in my jammies, drink coffee---no rushing
    The great people I work with--we appreciate each other and have fun together
    This forum--cut and pasted 3 or 4 new recipes this morning

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    Three good things for me anyday is sleeping in, having energy and not arguing with family members

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    I made my ww soup
    walked on my new hipsome
    got my cat in for the night in the barn
    Tracking is my new normal
    goal reached 1999 and 2011 and 20??

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    Did my two crossword puzzles. NY and LA Times. Love this.
    Food is planned for today. I'll do well.
    Exercise planned for today. Walking with a friend.
    Women's healing service at my synagogue today. I'll attend.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Cooked for a friend
    Took a much needed nap

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