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    Hi I'm Beth and I recently joined Weight Watchers. Six weeks ago to be exact. I have lost 11.7 lbs. I have a question about wine though. So if I use my phone app to scan the bar code on my skinny girl wine, and then figure out the points, it comes out to 1 point. But in the meetings and in the simple start booklet, it says to count a 5 oz glass of wine at 4 points. So what to do? Go by the nutrional value from bar code? Or count is as 4? I'm curious if becuase it's alcohol and has really no nutrional value, it's automomatcially 4 points?

    By the Way, the Skinny Girl California White wine is awesome. Only 100 calories for 5 oz glass. Fridays I weigh in and I often treat myself to a glass of wine on Friday evenings as a treat. Just curious what to count it as.

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    I like their wine too. It does not knock me on my a$&. You can't use a calculator on wine because of the alcohol. I've heard one point. I count 4 to be safe.

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    I'm curious what you decided. Skinny girl isn't the same make up as normal brands, so it stands to reason it *may* be less points? I don't want to fall victim to that mentality though. LOL I also don't want to "waste" points because I'm trying to be better safe than sorry. As my 12-year old would say, #fluffygirlproblems.

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    I still don't know LOL unusually never use my 49 extra points per week. So I usually just count as 4 and it comes off of those extra. But I have since found wine that is even fewer calories. Its "Love My Goat" both the red and the white are right around 80 calories. And very yummy!

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    You can find Skinnygirl wine in the Weight Watcher online tracker. Be sure to enter it as one word. For 5 oz of red or white wine the points are 3. That is only one point less than 5 oz of a good wine. I drink rarely these days and when I do I want it to be something really good.

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    I did not really like the Skinny Girl wine and would rather drink the real thing.

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    Congratulations on your weight loss!!!!

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